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What is a TCM?

Transmission Control Module

Your vehicle's transmission control module works alongside the engine and the transmission to keep you moving forward. When you're driving, this is the part responsible for calculating the right time and place to change the current gear to make your driving experience smooth.

Aside from this primary responsibility, this control module also sends OBD2 codes to your car's computer if it detects any malfunction or other issues with your transmission. These codes appear as the check engine light on your dash, alerting you that something is not right.

Without a properly working transmission control module, your car would be unable to change gears when needed, leading to severe mechanical issues that require expensive repairs. Proper shift timing helps to improve the overall efficiency of your vehicle.

Signs of a Failing Transmission Control Module

These parts are built to last, but over time, your transmission control module might succumb to heat fluctuation, corrosion, and other day-to-day forces. Some of the most common signs of a bad transmission or control module include:

  • • Stalling between gear changes
  • • Failure to change gears
  • • Transmission not downshifting when you’re at a stop
  • • The car is stuck in neutral
  • • Transmission not upshifting when you accelerate

Getting Repairs As with most vehicle repairs, you should always follow the "better safe than sorry" rule when you believe you're experiencing issues with your TCM. It's never a good idea to wait and see if the problem clears up, as your engine or transmission system could be suffering and sustaining damage.

When you schedule an appointment with one of our Transmission Repair Group shops, we will check your TCM diagnostic codes and also your Transmission Control Module's proper functioning. TCM's can be replaced and reprogrammed to your vehicle by our experts if needed.

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